It’s been 3 years in the making, 3 years bouncing around my brain, 3 years of planning and procrastination, and all of a sudden we have just 4 weeks to make a dream, a vision, a reality for our community. Never before have I needed so much help.

The crowdfund has launched and the clock has started ticking. The support has been IMMENSE, the comments inspiring and the pledges received with heartfelt thanks and appreciation. But the road is still there, we still have some way to go before we can sit back and crack open the bubbles!

Our crowdfund campaign is supported by Natwest which means that out of that £10,000 target we only need to raise £5,000 and the rest is gifted to us as part of this rather wonderful initiative to back women in business.

PLEASE help us reach this target by clicking on and downloading the flyer and pitchdeck and then sharing with every facebook group, every friend, every business you think maybe in a position to help. It only takes one person to start a crowd, and slowly as that crowd gets bigger a community begins to be formed.