freckles & fire: the story so far....

Humm… Long or short version? Now I have never been good at that nutshell communication. I’m a talker – I’ll apologise now for that – but I reckon that it’s probably likely that you didn’t come on here to read my life story (I won’t take that personally!!).

So here goes my attempt at short.

Grown up career in marketing and branding. In London. Insert kiddies x 2 = removal of life as I once knew it. If I am brutally honest with myself a stay at home mummy life was just not for me – I love my monkeys but I love them more when I have had a bit of ‘me time’. So after much procrastination (I’m also VERY good at that!) freckles & fire was born in 2015 (yes, in child development stages I probably should be just about walking by now…).

2015, 2016 & 2017 were amazing years. I mean really amazing, I learnt a whole heap. Held adult workshops, after school clubs, school holiday clubs, was honoured to be invited to do some creative workshops at some awesome little ones birthday’s, did a super hen do, 2 x 40th birthday celebrations in, found a permanent home in the coffee to beat all coffee shops, the Fine Grind AND to place tnhe sugar filled icing on the cake started a festival journey that would change me, the business and the family outlook to camping!

So now it’s 2018 and I’m bubbling with excitement hoping this year will prove to be even better.

My wish list 2018 is filled with:

  • Fabulous workshops meeting some more delightful TW peeps as well as working with some more amazing tutors to spice things up a bit!

  • More festivals, a lot more. Music, creative juices, freedom and a mobile create space - yes PLEASE!

  • Def more kiddies’ parties (hubbie thinks I am totally crazy but I LOVE working with little ones, maybe something to do with my own mental age?).

  • And another hen do – that would be so cool but I don’t want to be greedy!

Oh gosh – this is not at all short. I’m stopping. RIGHT NOW, but actually last thing – please enjoy this website – browse around, check out my blogging section to see some links to cool stuff, creative ideas, things to do with the kiddies and just general Lauraisms! Oh, and if you like the site as much as I do then check out this pretty amazing lady – Hanna Sorrell – one super doper web developer!

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