Felting a little wristwear

The need it list

·         Wool rovings (you can get these in most crafty places now or, of course, that trusty ebay!)

·         Pipe cleaner (or 2 depending on how long you want it to be!)

·         Bamboo mat, or (if like us!) you don’t have, then bubble wrap

·         Towel

·         Bowl

·         Pipette (these are super useful for a crafty cupboard but fingers will do – it just means the water needs to be a bit cooler!)

·         Hot water

·         Soap

·         Grater

The knowhow

Welcome to the world of CLEAN CRAFTS. Can I hear a double whoop!!! This is honestly going to make them cleaner than when they started (not that I am saying anything about the state of your children, of course!). It’s also another yarn orientated craft so gets a double tick in my slightly wool-obsessed existence!!

Wet felting is great with kids – there is so much you can do with it, balls, pictures, soap covers and of course, armwear! So here’s a little tutorial to run you through the basic know how of wet felting!

1.       Depending on the length that you want, tie two pipe cleaners together. Bea wanted one that would go around her wrist a couple of times (I quite fancy having one of those upper arm wraps – do you remember them back in the day??!). At either end make a loop – this will give the felt something to attach to.

2.       Separate the rovings into longish strips. When pulling rovings apart, pull with about 30 cm gap between your hands.

3.       Starting at one end, wrap one of the strips around the loop end and then back on itself to go down the pipe cleaner. It will need to be quite tight so it maybe that you need to help tighten it a little! When you run out of roving, just attach another strip. You can add (like Bea) an accent colour in here.

4.       When you have wrapped the pipe cleaner it will be a bit ‘thick’ – the roving will felt down the water, soap and pressure! Grate a little soap into the hot water. You don’t need too much, just enough to give it a little lather (Bea ended up rubbing the soap onto the pipe cleaner after a while which actually worked quite well!).

5.       Grab the pipette, put the pipe cleaner on the bubble wrap and sprinkle with the soapy water. It does need to be quite wet but sprinkling water is important as it will gentle shock the yarn.

6.       Now it’s time to get rolling, SUPER gently at first with a little more pressure as the wool begins to felt. You need to do this for some time – I finished off with Bea watching as she got a bit bored but happy to watch!

7.       Once it is all felted, shock the fibres by running under a cold tap. If the roving is coming away from the pipe cleaner you can put more hot soapy water on it and continue felting and then repeat the same cold water treatment!

8.       Now it’s drying time. We took some excess water off with a towel and then popped in the tumble dryer for a little while and then on the radiator.


INSERT one happy lady!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!