A little glitter and pom pom magic goes a long way...

The need it list

·         Pom Poms – you can use any size, we used some tiny ones hanging about in the cupboard.

·         Sticks – now is the perfect time to don the wellies head to the woods, a park or even the garden to find some brilliant fallen tree branches.

·         Acorn cups – see above for location!

·         Glue gun (we use a cool gun from Hobbycraft so Bea, aged 5, can help with all the gluing stages)

·         Glue – we use mod podge for most things as it dry’s quickly and is waterproof!

·         Glitter!! Oh we know its messy – just paper up underneath and the clear up shouldn’t be too bad – and hoover! Don’t be tempted to get the dustpan and brush out!!

·         Paintbrush or foam brush – again head to Poundland – they have a great craft section filled with these bits!

The knowhow

IT IS COMING. Summer is most certainly on its way, and what a day it has been! It seems just right to get a little bit crafty with those fallen trees and maybe even some of those acorn cups that are hanging around the woods at the moment!

1.       Give your sticks a bit of a rub down – esp if they have been in the messy mud, dogs mouth, or lying about growing moss! A nice easy step (although we’ve always been a bit impatient with the whole prep thing!)

2.       Apply the glue directly onto the stick and the glitter away – make sure you have paper underneath and you can then use the fallen glitter again! What is it with kids and glitter? My guys just love it and I have to say it does transform the stick somewhat! You want to keep some areas clear of glitter so that the pom pom’s will stick properly!

3.       This is a waiting step – we recommend an overnight wait – it will make sure the glue and glitter become great friends. If you want to be doubly sure of no glitter spillage later on, put another layer of glue over the top of the glitter – this will secure it forever!!

4.       Now it comes to the pom poms, acorn cups and glue gun! It’s fairly easy stuff – glue the pom pom into the acorn cup and then leave to dry, then glue the cup onto the stick. You can of course just attach the pom pom directly to the stick, we did both which looked ace.

5.       Now add to a vase filled with a bit of sand and put in pride of place on the table. We’ve already made a few and they look great – even better is how proud Bea is showing people (including the Postman!) her handmade creation!

And there we have it! Another week of #monthofmake complete – and we’ve kicked started our week! Tomorrow we shall be thinking up a nice little craft to use all those eggs we seem to get through (is anyone else little ones OBSESSED with scrambled eggs??).

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!