Flower-enhanced egg creation

The need it list

·         Eggs (not broken!)

·         Acrylic paints (we use Americano ones from Hobbycraft, or any craft store!)

·         Paintbrush

·         Paint pot or old yogurt pot

·         Skewer or stick to hold egg in decorating place!

·         Pressed flowers (see our flower pressing tutorial here )

·         Mod podge (I guess you could use PVA but tbh this is such a great glue and used for so much it’s a great addition to your craft cupboard!)

·         String or yarn (we used some left over Jersey yarn)

·         Glue gun (again, I guess you could use normal glue but we use a glue gun for so much that it’s worth having in the house!)

The knowhow

So I have recovered from Boo’s car destruction – just about… he is still very sheepish this morning but I am going to remind him of his actions until he is at least 47….

But I am going to craft the anger away! So onto today’s #monthofmake! I love this one – mainly because I love the fact that we are using something that normally goes straight into the bin, but also because we have chickens I feel like I owe it to them to make use of the hard-egg-laying-efforts!

1.       So the first job is to blow the eggs. Do this when you are either making a cake that asks for beaten eggs or making some scrambled eggs. Make sure you wash the egg first – especially if it is coming straight from the garden! Make a small-ish (3mm or so) in one end and then a bigger hole at the other end. Get your little one to blow through the smaller hole directing the bottom hole into a bowl. Bea LOVED doing this – I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures, we were both so engrossed in the task!

2.       Once they have all been blown they need a little washing. We used warm water and filled up the egg and, holding both of the holes shut, give them a good shake. Let them dry with a hole pointing down on a tea-towel.

3.       Now that they are all dry we can get crafting. Find some instrument to pop the egg onto – we used a wooden skewer. This just helps with all that painting that is about to commence! You may need to give it two coats and leave it to dry in-between.

4.       So, let’s get decorating with those flowers. Pop some of the mod podge onto the egg and lay the flower on top. Being very careful, as the petals are super fragile when dried, glue over the top. Bea went to town on this and applied a SERIOUS amount of glue – I didn’t know how that would turn out but it was fine! So apparently, in this instance less is not more!

5.       Once you have decorated your flowers around the egg and given a top layer to seal, leave overnight.

6.       Now, grab the glue gun and whatever hanging thread you are going to use and stick the thread in one of the blowing holes. Now Pop a little glue in the top and let it cool.

TaDa! I am not sure where bea intends to hang these in her room but she is determined to find a little display space!! We may need a bigger house!!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!