#monthofmake - Finding the treasure...!

The need it list

·         white fabric

·         sharpie or fabric pens (or normal felt tips- just check them first so they don’t bleed on the fabric)

·         table protector (we always use this old food tray and it has worked wonders – I love how it is paint splattered and pen marked, tells its own creative story and one day we will mount all on its own on the wall!)

·         embroidery hoop

·         scissors

·         needle and thread

·         glue (we used fabric glue but PVA should work fine!)

·         paintbrush

·         felt

·         Heavy books.

The knowhow

So I am critically aware we promised you a sun-stallation – but this particular activity involved the crafting soul of Boo – the 3-year old and yesterday WAS NOT HIS DAY. You know one of those days when you’re counting the hours till bedtime and it is only 10am? Yesterday was that day!

So we tweaked the creative plan and engaged the creative soul of Bea –the always-up-for-a-bit-of-crafting 5 year old! So now you actually have one of my favourites and a so so simple activity! Our treasure may hoop!

1.       Make sure you set up and use the table protector – I cannot feel responsible for lovely tables and cloths being ruined with the use of sharpies – nothing gets those ink marks out!!

look at that cheeky grin!

look at that cheeky grin!

2.       Give you little some guidelines to work with – I just drew around the hoop in pencil so she could see where her creation needed to be.

3.       Now – let them draw their little scene! Obviously it doesn’t have to be a treasure map – Bea is doing this for Boo’s bedroom – it can be any little creation that they want! Bea has started to really enjoy drawing and making flower people, rainbows and hearts!!

4.       We used the sides of the fabric (which will later be cut and thrown away) to test the pens and any illustrative ideas!!

5.       Once the masterpiece is complete place the drawing on top of the inside of the hoop and then the outer on top of the fabric – making sure you align the top of the drawing with the metal secure. Twist the screw to make sure it is nice and tight.

6.       Now cut around the cloth - about an inch. Depending on the age of your little one they can help with this – it’s good cutting skills!

7.       Grab your needle and thread, pop a knot in the end (we doubled over the thread as it needs to be a bit strong for pulling tight at the end) and stitch around the inside skirt of the fabric (about ½ inch in). When you reach the starting point give it a bit of a tug so that it pulls tight, tie this tight by making a series of small stitches over the top of one another – making sure you don’t lose the tension from the skirt!

8.       Grab the glue and paintbrush and apply a good layer onto the back of the wooden hoop and a little onto the fabric skirt. Place felt on top and then the heavy books on top (you may want to add a layer of grease proof paper between the felt and book in case of any seepage (we didn’t and it was ok but better to be on the safe side when writing these things I guess!!).

9.       Let the glue dry over-night and then cut off the excess felt (or course you don’t actually need the felt – I am just a bit OCD when it comes to the finishing touches! You could just stop at step 7 and place straight onto the wall.

And that’s the lot for this lovely tutorial. I adore this way of mounting their artwork – it looks super modern, is heaps cheaper than getting framed and we think looks a million times better!!!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

Now tomorrow – we’re going to do some flower pressing and make something rather special from the little beauties! We will get back to the sun-stallation, just when the Boo decides to take off his grumpy two shoes!!!