#monthofmake - spaces for places

The need it list

·         Frame – we used a box frame from poundland but try charity shops and boot fairs. You will onlyneed the frame so the backing and glass can be got rid of.

·         Glue pot

·         Mod podge

·         Paintbrush

·         Fabric

·         Scissors

·         thread

·         Glue gun or strong tape

·         mini pegs

The knowhow

Can you believe this has been going one week already!! It has been a lovely thing for me actually to spend some create time with the kids rather than opt for the easy TV option while I juggle the home, dinner, and bed routine! I do hold you are finding them useful – even if you’re not doing them straight away!

So onto today!

As you may have gathered so far, Bea is a bit of a magpie. Every night, when she is meant to be sleeping (!!), she is going through all her ‘precious’ things, putting them in boxes, on her shelf, windowsill and various other spaces she has in her room. It’s actually rather lovely to listen to and peek in on (through the crack in her door!). It’s creating her sanctuary, her space.

So this make is all about facilitating more spaces for her to display her memories.

1.       Strip off backing and glass from the frame. Making sure you remove any sharp metal from around the back of the frame (you know those bits you press down to secure the frame backing – they must have a name but I am not an expert in framing!!).

2.       Cut the fabric into small little bits – depending on the age of the little one you can do this for them or let them cut it up.

3.       Glue up a small bit at a time. We started at the top of the frame so that there was a little overlap onto the sides. Place the fabric strip on top of the glue and then glue on top of the strip.


4.       Place another piece fabric with a small overlap on the previous. Keep on going around . Let the top dry. Mod podge dry’s pretty quick so if you start this in the morning, give it an hour and then you will be ready for the top!

5.       Start the side in exactly the same fashion, gluing down any overhang from the top and then filling in any gaps.

6.       When you have done the sides leave to dry for another hour or so. Once it is all dry, grab some scissors and tidy up the edges if, like us, you have a lot of fabric over hanging. You may want to put another layer round the edges just to secure it after cutting.

7.       Now you are ready for the hanger. We used left over jersey yarn but you can use anything – wool, garden twine, rope etc etc. If you are using a glue gun, glue up near the top of one side and then place your twine or yarn on top. Then glue on top of the twine or yarn to keep it really secure. Let this dry.

8.       Now, pulling really tight, align up on the other side and repeat the gluing process. You’ll have to keep hold of this while is dry’s to keep the tension but it is super quick!

9.       Add pegs, and let your little one choose their precious memories to display!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

Tomorrow – #monthofmake number 9. We’re thinking something garden orientated with the Boo. Be warned – with this fire cracker involved it’s not going to be a clean create!