#crowdcrochet bonding squares (pdf pattern) - crochet magic

#crowdcrochet bonding squares (pdf pattern) - crochet magic


Our #crowdcrochet patterns are here for one thing, and one thing alone - to make for the greater good! 

Our physical meet-ups take place in Tunbridge Wells, a collective of makers coming together to chat and create for those dealing with some pretty rough hurdles in this rocky road we call life. 

This pattern is using Wool and the Gang shiny happy cotton - its the perfect make for those spare 1/4 or 1/2 balls, is perfect for beginners (for some free tutorial videos check out here) and will help a family when they are most in need. 

The idea is that one square is given to mama to drench in her smell, it is then placed near baby to bring mum to her side. The other one is kept close to baby and then given to mum to help with milk production and, most importantly, bring baby into her arms when this is not physically possible. 

If you are making these for us please send finished squares to #crowdcrochet, 8 Manor Close, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8YB OR speak with your local anti-natal unit and see if they are accepting bonding squares!

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