I have 2. I understand, and take very seriously, the importance of ‘THE birthday party’.

There is pretty much nothing I love more than watching the birthday boy or girl beam with delight as they are surrounded by their besties, creating something fabulous. I could give you a list here of options but TBH that’s not really how I operate! I hate the word ‘no’ (not helped by the fact that it appears to be my 6-year old’s favourite word as she stomps up the stairs in true teenager stylie). I would much rather have a chat, find out the kind of creative thing your little, medium or big one is into and then come up with some crafting options. Our parties are themed to delight - so whether that's an enchanted tea party, a magically mythical celebration, an indoor traditional fete, mad hatters affair or even whimsical fairy gathering - we're pretty positive it will be one they will love! 

But obviously the world is their oyster and there is a whole heap of creative options that they could do on their magical day!

We offer three party options - a hands-off affair where we give you all the materials, party plan and make guides, a purely activity party where we come with two themed activities and then the full monty do- invites, games, activities and goody bags. 

Hands-off FROM £13pp

Purely activity party FROM £18pp

Full Monty Do FROM £33pp

Each party comes with a little make that all the wee ones contribute toward!