Uniquely Unicorn kit


Uniquely Unicorn kit


Oh me, oh my. When there is a sprinkling of an idea, a dollop of EPIC materials and a wee bit of creative pampering time - THIS is the outcome!

Our latest kit on the block is this wonderful, how-on-trend,  unicorn creation! 

The kit comes with the following essentials:

  • Wooden horse kit (and creation instructions) - measures 18x4.5x16cm
  • 3 x foam clay colours (these will vary but all will be whimsically wonderful)
  • white paint
  • glitter
  • paintbrush
  • project bag

Now - let's have a wee chat about foam clay. We can start with 'it's amazinggggg' but you probably want a better low-down than that - right? We've heard it described as a mix between clay and liquorice allsorts spogs! It's foamy in its texture and then (depending on how hot your house is and how thickly piled up!) dries in a couple of hours or overnight adhering to the wood. 

Don't worry if it falls on the carpet, it is pretty much impossible to grind into material (trialled and tested with over 200 kids in and out of our festival bell tent grinding small bits into a woollen crochet blanket!) and picks straight off!

Should we have had a fancy flurry in the sales department and this item is out of stock (the helpful site will tell you if its out of stock in nice bright red lettering!) you can then pre-order. This will be a delivery of 7 working days. 

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