DIY Chore chart

chore chart rainbow.jpeg
chore chart rainbow.jpeg

DIY Chore chart


We have all been there. The significant drawing that they SOOO proudly present to you at pick up.

The imagination, the creative investment, the pride they have for the oh, so personal make is the essence behind our chore charts.

They paint, the screw, they write, they own this chart as completely and utterly theirs. It is this investment that makes the chore so much more meaningful. The chart is on mdf wood and measures 43cm x 35cm.

The way these work in the freckles HQ - a charm per chore and then when the line is complete the wee ones receive 50p (a mind-blowing £2.50 in potential weekly earnings!) - but of course you make it work the best way for you and your fam.

A couple of points to note about our charts:

  • You’ll receive an extra ‘chore’ rectangle for days when the chore changes (but also use the reverse!) or there has been a mis-spelling!

  • You’ll receive extra charms in-case they get lost in toy heaven, dog eaten, a much needed change in colour direction.

  • Each chart comes with everything you need, including a charm keep-safe bag - maybe just add a table covering to the creative mix.

We like to think we have your parenthood back covered…

chart design:
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