#crowdcrochet 28.3.18


#crowdcrochet 28.3.18


So, our #crowdcrochet initiative started with a very simple vision, to make for local and national charities while teaching new skills to the rather lovely people of Tunbridge Wells.

Well, it's fair to say that it has become something much much bigger and really, rather special.

Each week we come together, to make, explore, discuss, learn and be. Some of us are picking up skills we learnt as kids, others are learning from scratch. In fact, our experience, knowledge or skill level is irrelevant. As a group we teach and learn together and from each other - so if you are a beginner with no idea that a hook comes in different sizes, you're right at home.

Each project is made at your own pace, and is priced per make (regardless of how long it takes!).

Poppies - £9

Sands stillborn blanket - £15

Hats for homeless - £8.50

Folly wildlife nest boxes - £8.50

NCT baby bundles hat - £8.50

RefugEase Snood - £7.00

Neonatal ocotopus - £8.50

Hearts for hero's - £5

Bonding squares - £9


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