Welcome to the Lady of Cool!

Caro is a super brilliant creative bod, a flipping fantastic artist, ceramic painter and writer. And French. And super lovely. In fact we’re totally envious of her sensational skills but, at the same time, totally chuffed to bits that she’s coming on board the freckles & fire tutor train to spread some of her creative magic!

Caro will be teaching us how to create some brilliant personalised ceramics as well as getting you all fired up about all the possibilities of hand-painted gorgeousness! You can of course make items to gift away, that would be super nice of you. But of course you can always keep your hand-made magical item to marvel at daily!

A little word from Caro…

"Hello Freckles! I'm very excited about meeting you all and letting you in on a few secrets of mine! I will teach you a few tips and tricks that will make you a complete genius at turning plain tableware into unique pieces of awesomeness!"



A pic to go with my constant words and ramblings!

So I'm reckoning by now you've got a pretty good handle on me, Mrs freckles & fire, although there is one thing I haven't talked about (surprising, I know!). The name. freckles & fire. Where? How? Why?

Simple really, as you can see from the pic I'm ever so slightly covered, smothered in freckles. And, not quite as clear, is the hair colour. A nice tinge of red (auburn my mother said for years!). I'm a self-confessed red-head, and in true red-head form, have an ever so possibly probably matching temperament! So the fire describes my character - my burning creative spirit!

I hope that through freckles & fire I can share my love for all things craft and bring out the creative spirit in Tunbridge Wells! 

Joyful flower-tastic Jo!

Jo is the hands behind The Florist Tunbridge Wells, and her marvelous green fingers bring flowers to life, creating some seriously stunning displays to make any house look, and smell, simply divine! 

We are beyond delighted that Jo is going to join the freckles & fire tutor team to help pass on some very wise words and advice on how we can all get that ‘just stepped out of a florist’ look with our own garden pickings.

So over to Jo…

"Hi I’m Jo and I just love flowers! I've worked in the floristry industry for several years and now offer my own floristry service from my home studio, working with local brides, businesses and even a few celebrity clients. I can't wait to teach you how to create your own display at home!"


Knitting. The slow click click of needles. A possible blue rinse. Def hair set in curlers and a pleated skirt with matching oversized top.

Hummm… maybe not!

Kate is one cool chick and I am one envious lady when I see her amazing creations. Super soft socks, baby blankets, amazing technicolour sweaters and to die for kiddie leg warmers! I’ve obviously known for a while that knitting has had a revival but I have to say I’ve found it hard to jump on that bandwagon. UNTIL NOW.

I’m practically stalking her great blog www.joanieunravelled.com and it’s safe to say that I’m just ever so slightly excited that she’ll be joining freckles & fire to hold some knit it workshops! We’ll be doing skills sesh every 2 months to help people, like me, get over their knitting fear and also a knit it project over two workshops.

It would be cruel for me to ask my wonderful tutors to describe themselves in two words so here’s a bit about Kate, from Kate!

‘Hi! I'm Kate and I'm a local mum to two scrumptious boys. I learnt to knit shortly after I had my first baby 4 years ago and have been totally addicted ever since. I have a thing for bright, funky yarn and would love it if I could pass on the bug and get you hooked too! I look forward to seeing you at Freckles & Fire and showing you some of the amazing possibilities you can create with a bit of wool and a couple of sticks"