Not so scary ghost lampshade!

The need it list

·         lampshade – we use finds from charity shops AND bootfairs, make sure you get one that looks like it will have a nice frame – look out for scallop edging, these make stunning ghost shades!

·         scissors

·         tesa tape (this is a special tape for lampshade making), or double sided sticky tape

·         fabric

·         fabric ivy, flowers, ribbon – all of these are optional – you can decorate however you like. Try feathers, buttons, making yarn tassels, pom pom’s – the creative options are endless and totally personal to you!

The knowhow

As some of you may have read a little while ago, the freckles HQ is somewhat of a project house. There are a couple of nice areas but they are limited to the little ones bedrooms! However, when this bad boy is completed I plan to have ghost frames hanging from every inch of every ceiling….

Ok – that maybe over doing it ever so slightly BUT I am going to have these beautiful makes around the house for all to admire! I don’t want to bang on here about the importance of creative pampering other than to say it is darn good for your soul. I spent a couple of hours making this, the simple repetitive task of laying fabric and I have to say it was peaceful, calming and just lovely. No noise other than the birds outside. Lush.

So here we go – I hope you like this one because it’s an absolute fav of mine!

1.       Strip your frame of any fabric, you’ll need a sharp pair of scissors here to pierce the fabric and cut any hand-sewn pieces. Once it’s all clear, marvel a little at its beauty and then give it a little clean with a cloth and some washing up liquid.

2.       While it is drying start making strips from your chosen fabric – we used liberty lawn because, quite frankly, we’re obsessed with the stuff. If you are following this #monthofmake it’s likely you will see a lot more liberty fabric pop up!! The strips we cut are about 1.5cm deep. You don’t want to make them too thick otherwise you’ll just end up wasting fabric as they will wrap over too much (this will make sense later!).

3.       Grab your tape and wrap each of the spokes apart from the bottom (you’ll do this last and you don’t want it sticking to the table!). The tesa tape has a red protective film. Keep this on until you are ready to wrap that area.

4.       We are going to start by wrapping the inner spoke, from bottom to top. Then the outer spokes – again from bottom to top, the top smaller circle, then the bottom circle or scallop edging.

5.       To start off with grab a strip of fabric and lay it on at an angle (about 45 degrees) facing upwards. Slowly wrap it around the spoke with a little overlay. Some fabrics will fray more than others (Liberty doesn’t really fray that much!), but that is all part of the charm. When you get to the top of a spoke and you have fabric left, just leave it hanging and move onto the next spoke – you will use this bit later for the top circle.

6.       Once you have done all the spokes – sit back and marvel. Now move onto the circle. Take the protective tape off and start with the left-overs from the spokes. Then fill in any gaps with more strips. If you find you are going over a bit that doesn’t have any tape on it (maybe at an end when using strips to fill in gaps) just pop a little bit of the tesa (or double sided tape) directly to the fabric, peel off the protective layer and place down.

7.       When you come to the scallop edging, or the bottom circle, turn upside down, add the tape and add the fabric.

8.       Once the fabric is all complete have a look at your creation – I love them in this naked form so you may want to keep them just like that. If you are decorating, now is the time. We used fabric ivy that I knotted at the top and then just wrapped around the spokes and then paper flowers which just wrapped with the wire. Whatever you are using make sure you attach it securely - maybe with a touch of glue is necessary. You can use the scallop edging to hang or drape from.

9.       For hanging – I don’t use these for lights but (will, once project house is complete!) use these to highlight a corner with a couple of different sizes and materials. I tied a bit of ribbon to the top ring and then at the opposite point on the same ring to create a hanger.

So – what do you think? Are you in love? I adore the fact that each frame will be different in size and design – makes each one feel unique and one of a kind!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

So looking to our #monthofmake number 7! As it’s a Sunday I thought it would be nice to do a family make that combines everyone! So watch this space for a creative pampering avec the fam!